Booster Club

The Booster Club is composed of interested families who provide support for Stratford's extended athletic program.

The Booster Club Board of Directors, assisted by the Athletic Director and Head of School, uses these funds raised by Booster Club for numerous projects. The Booster Club seeks the participation of all Stratford families.

In addition, anyone having questions or suggestions should contact Booster Club Board President Jason Smith at

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2019-20 Membership Form

Booster Club Board

2019-2020 Booster Club Board
President - Jason Smith

Raffle Chair - Wade Kovacs
Silent Auction Chair - Meredith Bridges
Treasurer - Donna Kay McGoldrick
Secretary - Sharon Reeves
Team Parents - Melis Jamison
Lower School Liason - Ashley Howe
Membership Chair - Lori Palmer
Sports Program - Jennifer Simmons, Terry Sowell
Concessions Chair/Past President - Honey Miscall
Athletic Director - Mark Farriba
Athletic Director Emeritus - Grady Smith

Membership Levels

Super Eagle - $275
  • Eagle Parking
  • Eagle Gift
  • Two Athletic Passes for Regular Season Events
  • Program Recognition
Grandparent Super Eagle - $200 (Same as Super Eagle)
Eagle - $175
  • Eagle Parking
  • Eagle Gift
  • Program Recognition
Patron - $ 50
  • Program Recognition
Grandparents' Club - $ 50
  • Program Recognition

Stay An Eagle (Classes 2009-2019) - $ 10

  • Decal
  • Program Recognition





Sports Program Ad Purchase Form

2019 Sports Program Information

The Stratford Booster Club will produce three comprehensive programs for fall, winter, and spring sports including ads in each publication. We hope that you consider purchasing an ad in the 2019-20 program. Your ad will appear in all three full color publications. In order to secure your ad, please complete the online form by June 30.

The fall sports program will include:

  • Band
  • Cross Country
  • Cheerleading
  • Football
  • Softball
  • Volleyball
  • Shooting Sports

The winter sports program will include:

  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Swimming
  • Wrestling

The spring sports program will include:

  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Track
  • Lacrosse

The cover for each program will feature seniors from the sports for that season's athletic teams. Each program will feature the current athletes, records, and varsity individual and team photos.

All three programs will be high quality publications and a source of pride for our teams, band, and families. A limited number of programs will be available at each home athletic event for fans.

Advertising and Senior Commemorative Pages

Advertising in the sports program is a great way to highlight your business while supporting the Eagles. Even if your children are in lower or middle school, your purchased ad strengthens the athletic program that awaits your child in the future. It is also a great keepsake to have year after year.

Senior commemorative pages are a great way to recognize and honor your senior athlete. This page can include past and present pictures and may also feature your business or company logo.

Pages may be purchased for ads and commemorative pages by the half page at $175.00 or by the full page at $275.00. Backcover is available for $1250.00, and inside covers are available for $600.00. You may submit a personal or business check, pay by Venmo to Stratford Academy or we will be happy to bill your Stratford Account.

Please contact Jennifer Simmons at or Terry Sowell at to purchase.

Show your Eagle Pride by purchasing an ad or a commemorative page today. Pictures, verbiage, and design should be sent electronically. Let us know if you need help designing your ad. All information may be emailed to Terry Sowell.

Photo Days
August 2 - Senior Cover, Football, Softball, Band

August 5 - Shooting Sports, Cheer, Cross Country, Volleyball

Booster Club Previously Sent Emails

Upcoming Athletic Events

2018-19 Accomplishments

  • Updated locker rooms in The Grady Gymnasium
  • Replaced awnings and added a star on the soccer fieldhouse
  • Contributed to the purchase of another short bus
  • Purchased football field equipment
  • Replaced softball windscreen
  • Added banners highlighting various sports teams
  • Sponsored Eagle Night 2018
  • Helped pay for end-of-year parties for all varsity sports teams
  • Contributed to the purchase of new bleachers in The Grady Gymnasium.

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