Students of all interests and ability levels are encouraged to participate in the school’s fine arts program. The 400-seat Henry Harding Tift Fine Arts Center and Auditorium provides young people with opportunities to develop and showcase their talents in theatre productions, choir, marching and symphonic band and literary competitions. In the visual arts, students have opportunities to display their paintings, drawings and photography in the Virginia Parker Buzzell Gallery in the main entrance to the school.

Golden Key Awards

On Saturday, March 4, 2023, Ms. Stephens, her students, and their parents attended the Savannah College of Art and Design's reception for Georgia's Gold and Silver Key award recipients of the 2023 Scholastic Art and Writing Competition. The award reception was located at SCAD in Atlanta, GA from 1:00 - 4:00 pm. In addition to viewing the artwork, SCAD also hosted optional printmaking and drawing workshops for the students. 

SCAD Picture 1:

(left to right)

Livie Collins (sophomore), Ms. Stephens, Paige Gray (senior), and Ella Reaves (junior)

SCAD Picture 2:

Paige Gray (senior), Ella Reaves (junior), and Livie Collins (sophomore)

Ella 1: Ella Reaves with certificate next to her Gold Key sculpture

Paige 1: Paige Gray next to a digital representation of her Silver Key photograph

Livie: Livie Collin's mixed media Silver Key artwork

Literary Team 2023


Stratford’s Literary Team competed at Region in Milledgeville over the weekend where they took home first place. Individual awards are:

International Extemporaneous Speaking – Gita Pavuluri 1St Place

Impromptu Speaking – Anna Wangerin 2nd Place

Argumentative Essay – Ranya Ajjan 1st Place

Dramatic Oral Interpretation – Isabella Burrell 1st Place

Humorous Oral Interpretation – Armin Sedghi 4th Place

Vocal Quartet – Armin Sedghi, Adam Lease, Hendley London, Zoe McAfee 2nd Place

Vocal Trio – Kanon Hinson, Elinor Fenimore, Sarah Maloney (Abby Perkel, Harper Schell, Zoe McAfee, alternates) 1st Place

Solo Lower – Adam Lease 1st Place

Solo Piano – Bonnie Hui 1st Place

Solo Treble – Elinor Fenimore 1st Place

First Place Overall Winning School

Principal's Art Collection

Seven upper school students were awarded for having their work chosen for the Principal's Art Collection, the rotating gallery in the upper school office that was established in January of 2022. The artwork was recognized both by Ms. Stephens and Ms. Ferrari as outstanding and creative. The students who will have their work displayed are:

Top Row: Eden Kovacs (10th), Mia Bhasin (10th), Hana Dodd (9th), Kelty Glenn (9th)

Bottom Row: Matt Simons (10th), Brynn Yurgalavage (9th), and Molly Edward Seagraves (10th)