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A Stratford education is a commitment to unlocking each child’s limitless potential.
Our students are the innovators of today and the leaders of tomorrow. This is why our curriculum, guided by a capable and caring faculty, facilitates the cultivation of compassion, the identification of purpose, and the courage to take risks. Stratford is a place where students are encouraged to step outside their comfort zones to explore their curiosities through programs that challenge their thinking, tap into their inner artist, and lay the groundwork for a lifelong journey of wellbeing.
As the #1 Best Private K-12 School in Macon, GA, according to Niche.com, Stratford continues to lead in education and innovation, ensuring a superior experience for our students and families. This commitment positions us as a top school in Georgia, setting a standard for excellence in private education.
Tuition 2024-2025

Note: Athletics, Theatre, and Band are supported by the Booster Club. Any additional fees will vary by program. Select fees for costumes or uniform items may be applied. Camp Eagle, ASAP, and Eagle Explorations are optional and billed separately. Competitive clubs may have additional fees. National and international clubs and association dues are not included in tuition. Uniforms are not included in the cost of tuition. Learning Support Center (LSC) services such as the comprehensive program and one–on–one tutoring are not included in tuition.

You asked. We answered.

Our transition to an all-inclusive tuition model is prompted by the consensus among parents, as gauged by the 2023 Strategic Planning Survey, nearly eliminating extra fees, promoting predictability of payments, and improving both the quality and convenience of our lunch program to families.

Our Primary Goal: To eliminate unpredictable charges, month after month.
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A Stratford Academy education represents an investment families make in their children’s future. As a school, we are dedicated to ensuring access to families who share our core values and hold high standards of academic excellence, offering avenues that bridge the gap between the true cost of the Stratford experience and a family’s ability to pay. To fulfill this commitment, Stratford offers a range of need-based tuition assistance for eligible families who apply early. 

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