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Grades K-12 Tuition

Stratford Academy considers it a vital part of our mission to make our college preparatory program available to talented and ambitious students throughout the Middle Georgia area regardless of the family's ability to pay. With this goal in mind, Stratford offers a range of need-based financial aid to help bright students and their families join our excellent school.

Once a family’s varied tuition price is given, Stratford offers three payment plans:

1.) Single Payment - full payment of tuition by June 30

2.) Deferred Payment - two equal payments of tuition due June 30 and December 31

3.) Deferred Payment II - twelve equal payments of tuition beginning in June and ending in May

Every family is expected to contribute to the cost of tuition and fees, thereby supporting the community to the extent family circumstances permit. Stratford Academy is committed to providing educational opportunities to all deserving students. Stratford offers financial aid based on a family's financial need as determined by FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment. Families are required to submit a financial statement to FACTS, with a $40 fee for analysis and a most recent 1040 form. FACTS calculates the amount of demonstrated need and files a report with Stratford. Families wishing to submit an application on-line may do so by visiting

Students applying for admission to Stratford do so with the understanding that admission decisions are based on a student's abilities and the potential for contribution to the life of our school. The ability to pay tuition does not play a part in the Admissions Committee's decision to offer or deny admission to any applicant. All recipients of financial aid are expected to remain in good academic standing, exhibit exemplary behavior and remain current in their financial obligations to the school. Failure to comply with any of these expectations may result in the termination of their award.

Financial aid awards are made on a one-year basis. The application process with FACTS must be repeated each year of a student's enrollment at Stratford. The Committee also considers the student's overall academic, social, and disciplinary record at the school in making decisions about financial aid for returning students. All information regarding tuition is held in strictest confidence.

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Mollye Treadway
Tel: 478-477-8073 ext 211
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Summer Hours:
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