Class of 2023 Senior Project Blogs


Senior Projects is a unique way for Stratford Academy and its faculty to recognize the needs of seniors who are approaching graduation, to provide these seniors with an opportunity to use some of what they have learned during their time at Stratford in the world outside of the school, and to acknowledge and reward the talent, responsibility, and maturity they have demonstrated in completing the school’s academic and service requirements for graduation.  That same maturity and responsibility are expected of our students when they are involved with their projects, representing themselves, their parents, and Stratford Academy.

The term “Senior Project” covers a wide variety of educational experiences; if students can dream it up and can find a way to make it happen, it will most likely be considered as an option for them to undertake.  At its core, the Senior Project is about pushing these young men and women to step out of their comfort zones and to enter the “real world” by setting up and pursuing activities away from the Stratford campus during May of the senior year.  The Senior Project requires students to demonstrate maturity, responsibility, and self-motivation in a way that is much different from the experiences they have had in the classroom. Each project will be an independent, student-developed, student-driven, in-depth educational experience culminating in a formal presentation to an evaluation committee.

We encourage you to look through the list of seniors and visit as many of their blogs as you can, and please leave them a comment.  They are doing amazing things!