Preschool Curriculum

Stratford Academy’s Preschool staff is committed to providing a unique balance of challenging academic programs within a student-centered environment. It is important for a school to provide experiences that are enriching and challenging, as well as to help children to develop habits of attention and effort that will stand them in good stead throughout life.

The curriculum must be developmentally appropriate, and the teachers instill values of respect and responsibility and honesty.

The Preschool day is structured to build a solid foundation for later learning. The Preschool curriculum addresses five areas of readiness:

Language and literacy development

Mathematical and scientific thinking

Physical and motor development

Personal and social development

The Arts

The staff attempts to ensure that Preschool children establish through experiences the foundation necessary to approach academic work later. Children must develop memory skills; learn to follow directions; persist at a task; identify the materials and steps needed to carry out an activity; and evaluate and correct their own work.

Parents are asked to come to school for conferences in the fall and spring to discuss their child’s progress.

If other conferences are desired, preschool parents should contact the teacher or the Preschool Director.

In addition, narrative reports are written and mailed to parents three times a year – November, February, and May – along with a checklist of skills and developmental milestones. A copy is put in the school’s permanent records at the end of the school year .