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Every day the children in Stratford’s Preschool are busy painting pictures, reading stories, singing songs, measuring, graphing, counting, and learning to write. The list of activities goes on and on. If you walked through the building it might look as if everyone is “playing,” but the work of childhood IS play! The children are interacting with their friends, cooperating in groups, sharing, taking turns, practicing social skills, and problem solving. They may be busy working on an art project with an adult while learning to follow directions and developing fine motor skills, or playing in small groups, working together and solving problems while building and playing in the housekeeping center. The children enjoy using the computers in the classrooms for alphabet and number games, and the kindergarteners learn to publish their own stories. Each classroom has a housekeeping center for dramatic play and a block center for construction projects, allowing the children to use their imaginations and develop spatial concepts. Every minute in the preschool classroom is an opportunity for learning and exploring.

Stratford’s caring faculty and staff strive to provide a loving, safe environment where children can grow and learn while also providing guidelines and structure. Preschool children are enriched by music classes, visits to the library, physical education classes, Spanish instruction, science instruction, art instruction, and STEAM class for our kindergarteners. Our curriculum is developmentally appropriate while challenging and engaging. Beginners and Prekindergarten classes dismiss at noon, while Kindergarten classes eat lunch in their classrooms and are dismissed at 3:00 p.m.

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Kathy Larsen - Head of Preschool

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