Middle School Faculty Directory

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Natalie Barrett

Titles: Sixth Grade Science

Kate Blankenship

Titles: Assistant Athletic Director, Varsity Girls Soccer Coach, JV Volleyball Coach

Adair Brown

Titles: Eighth Grade Math

Leslie Brown

Titles: Middle School Robotics and STEAM

Marta Cabell

Titles: Sixth Grade Social Studies

Danny Camp

Titles: Head Baseball Coach, Head Softball Coach

Adam Carr

Titles: Upper School Theatre, Middle School Theatre

Gena Chalfa

Titles: Guidance Counselor, Director of Student Wellbeing

Gaylyn Cole

Titles: Middle School Basketball Coach

Monica Fenimore

Titles: Upper School Chorus, Middle School Teacher: 7th Grade Chorus

Jeremy Fermin

Titles: Middle and Upper School Band Director

Rob Fitzpatrick

Titles: Assistant Baseball Coach

Renee Fulghum

Titles: Middle School Art

Nancy Gordillo

Titles: Seventh and Eighth Grade Spanish

Stephanie Gore

Titles: Eighth Grade Science

Dana Griffin

Titles: Seventh Grade Social Studies

Adrienne Hixon

Titles: Middle and Upper School Dean of Students

Valerie Johns

Titles: Learning Support Specialist

Chance Jones

Titles: Head Football Coach, Head Middle School Baseball Coach

Iain Jones

Titles: Assistant Athletic Director - Head Boys Soccer Coach

Millie Jones

Titles: Learning Support Specialist

Susan Jones

Titles: Middle/Upper School Office

Jaime Kaplan

Titles: Head Tennis Coach

Victoria Lee

Titles: School Nurse

Karen McCue

Titles: Blackbaud Database Manager

Mike McCue

Titles: Middle and Upper School Computer Science

Derrill McDavid

Titles: Eighth Grade English, Sixth-grade Latin teacher - Middle School

Lauren Parris

Titles: Middle School French, 6th Grade Spanish Teacher

Corley Peth

Titles: Eighth Grade Social Studies, Head Varsity/MS Swim Coach

Cater Pierce

Titles: Head Golf Coach

Ginny Reeves

Titles: Head Girls Cross Country Coach

Dotti Schindler

Titles: Seventh Grade Science

Ed Smith

Titles: Head Girls Basketball Coach

Jarvis Smith

Titles: Head Boys Basketball Coach, PS/LS PE Teacher

Patrick Snead

Titles: Head of Middle School

Mary Somerville

Titles: Middle and Upper School Latin

Jennifer Sweat

Titles: Seventh Grade Math

Juleen Thomas

Titles: Yearbook, AP Coordinator, A P Coordinator

Barry Veal

Titles: Athletic Director