Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Stratford’s middle school provides students a safe, supportive environment in which they may try new things, identify their gifts and passions, develop their skills, and begin the emotional journey toward older adolescence and adulthood. The middle school journey can, without a doubt, be exciting as well as stressful.Students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades must adjust, rapidly, to myriad changes:intellectual, physical, psychological, and social. The transition is intense, and Stratford’s experienced middle school faculty and administration are fundamentally committed to making this time of transition enriching, productive, fun, and delightfully memorable.

The core curriculum in Stratford’s middle school is designed to develop essential skills in critical reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and world languages. Students learn through high-engagement activities to be thinkers and problem solvers. Enrichment offerings provide students opportunities to try out classes like art, robotics, chorus, introductory coding, digital citizenship, drama, and physical education. The Destination Imagination teams provide outlets for fun and creative problem solving.Middle school faculty members combine innovative teaching methodologies with traditional strategies to optimize learning outcomes for different types of learners.

Middle school students have opportunities to participate in a broad array of extracurricular activities such as the middle school student government, chess club, math team, quiz bowl, school plays, and the Spirit of Stratford marching band. In addition, middle school students may choose to participate in one or more of the athletic offerings for middle school students, including cross country, volleyball, football, cheerleading, basketball, swimming, wrestling, soccer, baseball, track, and lacrosse.

At Stratford, we believe the middle school years should be filled with opportunity for social and emotional growth.Our middle school faculty and our counseling staff work tirelessly to promote a culture of caring. Special speakers and programs like Girl Talk seek to make students more aware of their own emotional well-being and that of their peers. Teachers and administrators strive, every day to teach empathy by modeling empathic relationships with students, parents, and colleagues.

The journey into older adolescence and adulthood begins in middle school.Stratford’s goal is to make that journey as productive, inspirational, stimulating, and soul-growing as our time together in the middle school will allow.

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