Lower School (Grades 1-5)

Head of Lower School Kelly Causey

Welcome to Stratford lower school. The lower school faculty at Stratford makes every effort to create a positive and exciting environment for students to learn. Building self-awareness and self-confidence establishes a solid foundation for growth. It is our mission to help a child recognize and utilize their strengths and gifts. We want students to feel secure enough to stretch themselves to accomplish tasks and grasp ideas that are out of their comfort zone.

Equipping students with reading skills and strategies is a high priority. In our reading program, we provide a strong phonics base balanced with instruction in comprehension skills and strategies. Students are exposed to literature below their reading level to strengthen their comprehension skills and confidence. Students also experience literature selections that are above their independent reading level which helps build their knowledge base and vocabulary. Students are allowed to read independently from selections of their choice in an effort to instill an excitement and love of reading. Our library is a warm and inviting place where students can select a variety of reading materials. Our language curriculum covers the basic parts of speech and involved practice in sentence structure. Students apply language skills and practice editing in their creative writing. Our math curriculum provides students with a strong fundamental foundation of skills and vocabulary. Students are actively engaged in the learning process through the daily math board. This gives students daily practice on mental math, word problems, facts, patterns, time, and money.

Students are enriched by a strong science program that challenges them to observe and question. In our Fine Arts program, students are exposed to a variety of music experiences and art activities. In Spanish, students develop an interest in language and culture. Students learn keyboarding and word-processing in their computer classes. We are also working to make technology a more integrated part of all subject areas. We realize the importance that physical activity plays in a child’s development and academic achievement. Participation in P.E. provides students with physical exercise which is an important part in the development of a healthy lifestyle.

Teachers and parents must work together to build a strong foundation academically, socially, and emotionally for our students. It is impossible to create a perfect environment, but we are working to establish an environment where every child feels safe and accepted. Each of us must do our part to raise a child’s awareness of their responsibility to treat peers and teachers with kindness and respect. We must create a balanced educational experience that will prepare our students to be productive citizens. Every day we see positive interactions of students and engaging activities at school. We will attempt to communicate these experiences through pictures and information on our website. Many thanks to all of our parents for the support that you give the faculty. Thank you for being a huge part of our team.


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Head of Lower School
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