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The teachers and assistants in the lower school love what they do and work hard every day to create a positive and exciting environment in which students can learn. We work to help students build self-awareness and self-confidence and establish a solid foundation for growth. We want students to feel secure enough to stretch themselves to accomplish tasks and grasp ideas that are out of their comfort zone. 

Equipping students with strong foundational reading skills and strategies is one of our highest priorities. All of our preschool and lower school teachers and assistants have participated in Orton-Gillingham Comprehensive training through the Institute for Multisensory Education, so we are able to provide a very strong phonics base balanced with instruction in comprehension skills and strategies. Students are exposed to literature that helps to strengthen their comprehension skills and confidence and helps build their knowledge base and vocabulary. Our math curriculum provides students with a strong fundamental foundation of skills, vocabulary, number sense, and problem solving. Students are actively engaged in the learning process with as much hands-on work as possible.   

Our Eagles are challenged by a strong science program that encourages them to observe and question. In our Fine Arts program, students are exposed to a variety of music experiences and art activities. In Spanish, students develop an interest in language and culture. We realize the importance that physical activity plays in a child’s development and academic achievement. Participation in P.E. provides students with physical exercise which is an important part in the development of a healthy lifestyle. 

Head of Lower School

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Head of Lower School
Karen Yarbrough '71
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