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How Santa Claus Brought Two Stratford Alumni Together

About eight years ago, Scott Chalkley '05 started getting calls from random numbers in Macon. It turns out that if you Google Santa’s phone number, you find one that has the same first seven digits as his. So when children from middle Georgia would try to call Santa, it would dial out as a local number. Over the years, Scott has received hundreds of calls and voicemails from kids and adults looking for Mr. Claus.

"I started to imitate Santa Claus, and they'd tell me what they want and hope that they were on the good list, and I'd encourage them to stay there," Chalkley told Norah O’Donnell in a news feature for CBS News. 

After years of listening to kids’ wishes, he gave up on being Scott and changed his voicemail greeting to a full-time Santa. Today, Scott has channeled that into the For a Good Claus project. Visitors to the For a Good Claus website can listen to the voicemails he receives. There is also a prompt to make a donation to The Merrie Christmas Project. 

“Our involvement with The Merrie Christmas Project was serendipitous.    READ MORE

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