Head of School

Mr. Logan Bowlds is the tenth Head of School at Stratford Academy and previously held the title of Head of Middle School at Stratford from 2018-2019.

Logan came to Stratford after serving four years as the Associate Head of Middle School at Episcopal Day School in Pensacola, FL. During his time at Episcopal Day School, Logan was able to wear many hats and get his hands into every area of school management and leadership. After his time there, Logan enjoyed the move to an older, more established school with strong traditions and the wonderful alumni base that Stratford has.

Logan began teaching out of college at The St. Matthew School in Franklin, TN, where he was hired to teach social studies and history to students in middle school. While there, Logan was able to dabble in many areas of administration serving on the schools technology team, curriculum advisory team, and chairing the school governance and leadership committee. “I distinctly remember when my desire to move into administration began,” Logan says. “I was walking out of a faculty meeting with a colleague of mine and I complained that the new policy we were instituting in the classrooms simply wasn’t in the best interest of our students. My colleague then proceeded to say, ‘Well, if you don’t like it, become an administrator and do the opposite.’ It was an influential moment to me and from then on, I began taking intentional steps to move into administration.”

Logan received his Bachelor's Degree in History from Middle Tennessee State University and his

Masters Degree in Education from Lipscomb University. He is currently taking classes to complete his licensure in School Management and Leadership through the Harvard School of Business and will soon begin the Ph.d program at the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!) to receive his degree in Educational Leadership.

Logan has been married to his college sweetheart, Caitlyn, for 8 years and together they have two daughters, Mattie Adair and Millie, who are Eagles themselves.

Logan’s friends and family know him as a lover of books, cooking, running, and an avid fan of Jimmy Buffett. Logan loves living in Macon because, “this town is growing - I love the incredible potential I see in this place, and I’m excited to be a part of this town’s revival.”

Logan’s philosophy about a strong independent school is that “every child should be known and every child should be loved.” Stratford Academy embodies that belief by personalizing every interaction and encounter with a child along the way, from their entrance in preschool to their graduation in senior year. “Everyone in the community knows that an education received from Stratford Academy can stand beside the most elite of prep schools in the nation. We consistently place students in the top universities around the world. But, what our community is slowly realizing is that while academics remain our top priority, we also have loads of fun, focus on building relationships, and create a sense of community that simply can’t be beat.”

Of all the things Logan loves to do at this school, he’s most known for working the morning and afternoon carlines. Speaker in tow, he blasts his beloved 60s and 70s music as he opens doors, gives high-fives and hugs, jokes with parents, and welcomes each student to campus. “It’s my favorite part of the day,” Logan says. “Not only does it allow me to personally connect with almost every person on campus, it also allows me to learn names, remember birthdays, and interact with my students. Simply put, it’s the best part of my day.”