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My name is Josh Nowell and I am excited to be starting this upcoming school year as your new Director of Dining Services. I was born and raised in Macon and live here with my wife Ashley and our 2 awesome children, Crosby (5) and Zoey (4). About 11 years ago I left Macon to go to culinary school and follow my passion for cooking to see where it would lead! I received a degree in pastry and baking from Le Cordon Bleu and began a career in pastry arts. After working in hotels, resorts, casinos and schools from Florida to the mid-west, and slowly transitioning from baking to cooking, I found my way back to Macon about 5 years ago with Flik. I am happy to be joining the team at Stratford, and I look forward to working with the great kitchen staff we have here to make delicious foods that will be enjoyed by our entire community of faculty, staff, students and parents!


Thank you!


Josh Nowell,  Director of Dining Services

FLIK Independent School Dining

Stratford Academy Unit # 18218

Macon, Georgia

Joshua.Nowell@compass-usa.com | FlikISD.com


2019-20 FLIK Dining Information

All Students-

All students will purchase meals via a declining balance account.

Accounts can have funds added via myschoolbucks.com or by check made out to Flik and delivered to the school. Checks can be mailed to the school, given to Flik cashiers, placed in the check drop box in the dining hall or left with the receptionist in the front office.

Menus for 1st-12th grade available at www.stratfordacademy.flikisdining.com/

K4, K5 and ASAP

Monthly menus will be posted specially designed for this age group and will be posted online each month and available on the parent portal.

Due to the logistics of lunch time in the Kindergarten we are unable to provide partial lunches to students in this age group.

Pricing- $4.00 per meal. You can set up a declining balance account in the lunch room to cover your child’s lunch. Please contact Flik management to set this account up, as kindergarten students do not generally receive personal accounts until they reach 1st grade. As with all of our declining balance accounts they will be subject to a $-50.00 cut off of credit.

1st – 3rd Grade Students

Students will need to remember PIN numbers, which can be provided by Flik. However student accounts are subject to a $-50 charge limit. Accounts will be blocked if they surpass the $50 limit for charging.

For the parents, all students will be limited to their meal plan lunch or daily purchased lunch. There will be no second trips through the service line, helping to prevent students from creating large negative balances.

Meals will cost $5.00 and include 1 entrée, 1-2 sides, fresh fruit, small drink and a small dessert.

Additional items such as ice cream, chips, fries and other unhealthy options that kids love so much will be limited to once a week but will incur additional charges.

Students will have a declining balance account that needs to be stocked with funds.

No cash will be accepted in the lunchroom.

4th & 5th Grades

A daily meal for this age group will cost $5 a day for one trip through the service line. This will consist of 1 entrée, 1-2 sides, fresh fruit, fresh salad and a drink.

Students will be allowed to come back through the line to purchase extra items if they are hungry, this could result in your student spending more than $5 a day.

We recommend that you discuss with your student about their spending habits in the lunchroom to prevent unexpected charges and large negative balances.

NO student will be allowed to charge more than a negative $-50.00 balance on their account.

6th – 12th Grades

A typical daily charge for this age group could range from $1 to $8 a day depending on the student.

Here at Stratford and FLIK we are grooming our students for the future and two of the most important life skills they can learn are offered here in the lunchroom: money management and making healthy eating choices.

By offering a declining balance system we allow the student, with the assistance of their parents, to learn to budget money. We feel by involving the student in their daily purchase prices, keeping up with their current balances and informing their parents of owed bills we are setting them up for success when they have to do these activities without our help.

By offering special meal deals and a la carte pricing we can encourage our students to make fiscally smart eating choices. A good way to do this is sit down with your student weekly and actively discuss how much they should spend, what items they are purchasing and their current balance.

To help with account balances we are always available to students to discuss their declining balance information. It is highly important that you are diligent with your student, as NO student will be allowed to accumulate a negative balance of more than $-50. Please be attentive to this matter.

FLIK Billing

Parents will receive weekly emails about their students account balance. Payments will be able to be made by check or cash on site and online credit card payments through MySchoolBucks.com and the mobile app.

All accounts with a negative balance greater than $-50.00 will be automatically blocked until payment has been received. All declining balance accounts from Kindergarten to 12th grade will have a strict cut off of a negative $-50.00 this school year. All students will be allowed to charge on their account until they reach this $-50.00 threshold and then their account will be blocked.

Billing and Bill Pay Options

All checks must be made out to Flik and can either be mailed to Stratford Academy c/o Flik, left with the receptionist in the front office, handed to the cashier on duty or put in the Flik check drop box in the dining hall.

We no longer accept cash.

We ask that when making a payment that you include your child’s name and Flik PIN number (not their Stratford student ID number), to insure that the payment is applied to the correct student.

It is important that parents and students keep up with their balance in the lunchroom. We wish to avoid situations where a child might go without lunch due to a negative balance on their account.

All billing will be done via email. Weekly emails will be sent out to the email address supplied to the school.

All parents will have the ability to access their student’s account online by visiting MySchoolBucks.com.

FLIK Nutritional Information

2019-20 FLIK Brochure


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