Eagle Extra

The saying that “Knowledge is power” has never been more true than during this last year. And, as your school community, Stratford Academy has felt a commitment to sharing as much knowledge as we could with our families. In the earliest days of COVID, it was our Facebook live Monday Morning Assemblies to share weekly updates, blog articles by our faculty and staff, shared fitness videos by our coaches, songs and skits from our fine arts faculty, or recited poetry and words of encouragement from teachers. Over this school year, that has expanded to a broader focus with Instagram videos about our school and its philosophies, a COVID informational page on our website, weekly newsletters from our division heads, and Stratford Storied features on our alumni --- just to name a few.
As we move out of the COVID-19 era, Stratford wants to continue bringing relevant information to you, our families, and this community. We want you to continue looking to us for leadership in all things, not just education and curriculum. Therefore, we are kicking off a new series called “Eagle Extra”, which includes short weekly videos, blog posts, and even an audio podcast series called “Carline Conversations” that you can listen to while sitting in carline waiting for your student or watch as a video podcast on our YouTube channel and social media. The topics we will cover will be all things relating to education, child-rearing, and the health and wellness of our children. Our goal is to bring relevant and useful information to those who seek and want to know more.