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Ernesto Aguirre

Titles: Assistant Track Coach

David Bailey

Titles: Asst. Football Coach, Head Girls' Varsity Track Coach

Kelli Bailey

Titles: Team Parent - Shooting Sports

Lee Barrow

Titles: Team Parent - Varsity Boys' Cross Country, Team Parent - Varsity Boys' and Girls' Tennis

Dylan Bass

Titles: Assistant Baseball Coach

Karen Baxley

Titles: Team Parent - Varsity Boys' Basketball

Lindsey Belle

Titles: Girls' Lacrosse Coach

Kate Blankenship

Titles: Head Girls' Soccer Coach, Assistant Volleyball Coach

Josh Boyd

Titles: Assistant Football Coach, Assistant Wrestling Coach

Ross Bridges

Titles: Upper School Science Teacher, Asst. Football Coach, Asst. Baseball Coach

Kathryn Brooks

Titles: Team Parent - Varsity Boys' Soccer

Amanda Brown

Titles: Lower School Teacher - Fifth Grade Math, Assistant Varsity Softball Coach

Tyler Brown

Titles: Head Baseball Coach, Upper School History Teacher

Ellen Bunker

Titles: Team Parent - Varsity Volleyball

Rachel Chabot

Titles: Upper School French Teacher, Varsity Volleyball Coach

Jim Chapman

Titles: MS Lacrosse Coach

Gaylyn Cole

Titles: Third Grade Teacher, MS Girls' Basketball Coach

Rodney Collins

Titles: Football Coach, Track Coach, P.E. Instructor

Morley Conn

Titles: Assistant Girls' Soccer, Learning Center

Amy Deal

Titles: Team Parent - Varsity Boys' Wrestling

Katie Durkee

Titles: Team Parent - Varsity Boys' Lacrosse

Ramsey Earnhart

Titles: Tennis Coach

Donna Ellison

Titles: Seventh-grade Teacher, JV Cheer coach

Mark Farriba

Titles: Athletic Director, Head Football Coach

Carrie Gonzalez

Titles: MS Volleyball Coach

Mary Ellen Grossnickle

Titles: Team Parent - Varsity Volleyball, Team Parent - Varsity Girls' Track

Mary Beth Gumbart

Titles: MS Volleyball Coach

Jeff Hale

Titles: Asst. Soccer Coach

Angie Hannan

Titles: Team Parent - Varsity Girls' Lacrosse

Ian Hayley

Titles: Varsity Boys' Soccer Head Coach, Varsity Boys' Cross Country Head Coach

Jill Hightower

Titles: Team Parent - Varsity Girls' Soccer

Natalie Hunt

Titles: Team Parent - Varsity Girls' Lacrosse

Todd Hunt

Titles: Assistant Football Coach

Lance Hutchins

Titles: Athletic Trainer, Head Wrestling

Debbie Jackson

Titles: Team Parent - Varsity Softball

Melis Jamison

Titles: Team Parent - Varsity Football

Melvin Jones

Titles: Assistant Boys' Basketball Coach