US Clubs and Organizations

Academic Quiz Bowl

The Academic Quiz Bowl team competes with other schools in the Middle Georgia area at the Macon State Tournament. Selection for the team is based on a written test and an interview. The team meets after school once or twice a week.


ADL is a student group that promotes a “world without hate” and works to educate others about diversity. Recently through Stratford’s ADL group, the school earned a “No Place for Hate” designation through the Anti-Defamation League for its work educating the Academy on how to be an ally and not a bully and other similar activities.

Beta Club

The Stratford Academy Beta Club is an honorary organization made up of juniors and seniors who maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.6. Sophomores are tapped as members during the third quarter of the school year. Character, leadership, scholarship, and service are criteria for becoming a member of the Stratford Beta Club. Our most important service to the community each year comes in the form of our annual spaghetti supper held each winter to benefit Camp Little Shot.

Drama Club

Drama Club is the easiest club to belong to: support drama, and you're in! The membership is open to anyone who enjoys any aspect of theater on stage, in the booth, or backstage. The Drama Club sponsors a variety of exciting performances and has established itself as a fun and hard-working organization dedicated to the many aspects of theatre at Stratford.

Ecology Club

The Ecology Club was established during the 2005-2006 school year and was successful in establishing a recycling program for plastic, paper and aluminum. The main goal for the school year is to continue to improve upon the award winning recycling program so that Stratford's "carbon footprint" will be reduced even further.

Film Club

It is dark and silent as we sit on the edges of our seats waiting for the moment when we hear "The pellet with the poison's in the vessel with the pestle. The chalice from the palace has the brew that is true" (THE COURT JESTER, Paramount, 1956). Drama, comedy, anime, foreign, action or just plain weird- we watch it all. For students under 18, a parent permission form must be signed.

French Club

The French Club promotes French and the French-speaking world. The organization is designed to provide students with an opportunity to socialize with fellow French students outside class. Club meetings generally occur once per month in the French classroom. There, members partake of delicious crêpes, orangina, and other treats. The president of the French Club is responsible for organizing meetings and fostering interest in French among the student body. The Faculty Advisor offers information about the French-speaking world through power-point presentations on Mardi Gras, Paris and other French-speaking regions.

French Honor Society

The purpose of the The Société Honoraire du Français is to recognize high achievement of high school students and to stimulate interest in the study of the French language. To be tapped for the society, students should have maintained an A- average in French for at least three semesters and a cumulative average of B overall.

Girl Talk

Girl Talk is an international non-profit peer-to-peer mentoring program with a very simple premise: high school girls mentor middle school girls to help them deal with the issues they face during their formative early teenage years. The mission is to help young teenaged girls build self-esteem, develop leadership skills and recognize the value of community service.

Global and Community Awareness

The goal of this club is to educate the Stratford community about and celebrate the wonders and diversity of the world and our community. Members sponsor forums, host speakers, organize community involvement, and plan school events dealing with current events, diversity issues, and global and community issues. Another goal of the club is to reach out to other schools, national and international organizations that share similar goals. The club is open to any upper school student.


Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The dedicated Journalism staff works hard all year long gathering and publishing news about our community and our surrounding world. The Journalism staff is responsible for the publication of the student newspaper, The Gazebo. Work on the newspaper is done in the Journalism class, which is open to students of all four years by application. Members of the newspaper staff are involved in every aspect of the journalism process: interviewing, news writing, editing, photography, layout and design, and distribution. The Gazebo includes Middle and Upper School news, as well as feature articles, sports stories, and editorials. The Gazebo has now gone digital and is readily available to readers everywhere.

Key Club

Key Club is an international, student-led organization providing its members with the opportunities to perform service, build character, and develop leadership. The Key Club motto is "Caring - Our Way of Life." The Stratford Key Club lives this motto by collecting donations for the Ronald McDonald House through the McJeans Day Drive, canvassing local neighborhoods for the Harvest of Hope canned food drive sponsored in conjunction with the Kiwanis Club of Macon, organizing Red Cross blood drives, and working with the Beta Club in support of the Muscular Dystrophy Association's Shamrock sale.

Latin Club

Stratford's Junior Classical League is affiliated with the state and national organizations bearing this name. Membership is open to anyone currently enrolled in Latin or to any student who has had at least two years of Latin. Members meet to watch films about ancient Rome, to picnic in Rose Hill Cemetery, to perform an annual community service project, and many of them attend the annual state Latin convention held at Rock Eagle every spring.

Latin Honor Society

To be tapped for membership into the National Junior Classical League Latin Honor Society, a student must have an A- or better in Latin by the end of the third quarter and be a member of the Junior Classical League. Members must re-earn membership every year that they are enrolled in Latin.

Literary Magazine

Scribbles is a publication compiled of short stories, poems, and photographs. The magazine is put together by a team of Upper School students. The staff does not get started up until second semester, but when second semester begins, the group gets busy. They collect, edit, and make decisions about what goes into this annual publication. Any student or faculty member may submit pieces. The magazine is distributed once a year on Honors Day.

Math Team

A rectangular wooden solid that is not necessarily a cube is painted blue on the outside and then divided into one-unit cubes. As a result, exactly half of the cubes have blue paint on them. What were the dimensions of the rectangular solid before it was painted?

Does this question make you want to get out a pencil and paper and start figuring it out? Does the prospect of getting together with other like-minded people get you stoked? Then the Math Team may be the perfect group for you. Open to upper school students enrolled in geometry or above, the Math Team meets weekly during the activity period. Members of the team are committed to a modest competition schedule, are hungry for victory, and most of all love math! Want more information? Existing Math Team Members may click on the Math Team link on their portals. Others may simply contact one of our dedicated coaches: Bobby Stecher, or Shannon Boswell.

Peer Mentor Program

Founded in 2007, the Stratford Peer Mentoring Program ultimately aims to build better relationships between upper and underclassmen and to nurture a more positive school culture. Seniors and juniors mentor incoming freshmen in order to help them better adjust to the academic, procedural, and social demands of the Upper School. Specifically, the mentors will look to facilitate the process of increased student self-esteem and confidence, encourage academic achievement, and promote positive school, peer, and family connectedness. In addition, the program aims to provide upper class students with opportunities to learn and demonstrate leadership skills and to make them feel more like active stakeholders in the Stratford community. Mentors will endeavor to exhibit Stratford Academy's highest values at all times and will provide positive role models for younger students.

In the spring of each year, a limited number of rising juniors and seniors are selected through a three-part process in which students nominate themselves to work as mentors. Faculty members may also nominate students who they believe will be positive role models and will work well with our ninth grade students as they adjust to the demands of Upper School. Students may also nominate themselves to work as mentors. Finally, the mentor selection committee, composed of the program directors, teachers, and administrators, meets to decide who will be chosen.

Mentors prepare during the summer to welcome the rising ninth graders on their first day and to accompany them through Freshmen Orientation Week. Mentors have regular meetings with their freshmen throughout the first semester, building relationships and assisting in the transition to Upper School.

Pep Club

We've got spirit!!! Stratford's Pep Club is quickly becoming known by its new name "NAVY!" "NAVY" stands for "Need A Victory Yell" and aims to provide our athletic teams with the motivation to bring home success, while having a fun time doing it. Our goal is to fill the stands with enthusiastic students at a variety of events. We do this by sponsoring pre-game activities such as tailgating, face painting, spirit awards and fun surprises designed to rouse the crowd. All upper school students are invited and encouraged to join.

Personal Finance and Investment Club

The Personal Finance and Investment Club promotes personal financial and economic awareness to Stratford Academy's student members. Participants learn valuable investment skills that enable them to make educated investment choices. Active learning is through an online stock investing simulation, guest speakers, and information sessions. Emphasis is on the long-term approach to financial security based on investment skill and real world applications.

Spanish Club

Spanish Honor Society

To be tapped for the Spanish Honor Society, students must earn at least an A- average in Spanish courses by the end of the freshman year.

Student Activities Board - SAB

The Student Activities Board is an organization made up of twelve Upper School students that are elected by their peers in the spring of the previous year to serve on the board. The SAB has various responsibilities such as planning Homecoming and Spirit Weeks, dances, cookouts, and New Student Orientation. The SAB serves as a bridge between the students and the Booster Club, the Faculty, and the Student Issues Board. The SAB meets monthly or as needed in order to plan activities that the student body can participate in to make Stratford a more exciting place.

Student Issues Board - SIB

The Student Issues Board consists student members who serve as class officers. The organization also consists of the Student Body President and the Honor Chair. The SIB meets once a quarter or as needed to discuss areas of interest to the student body. This body serves as a liaison to the administration and various student groups and actively works to address student concerns in the Upper School.

Stratford Academy Writers' Guild

The main purpose of the club is to encourage an interest in creative writing and allow club members-writers-to discuss and present their own work in an open forum. The club will focus on fiction poetry and playwriting. Writers will not be graded on their work---they will only be encouraged, helping one another to improve as creative writers. We will discuss one another's work in an attempt to add depth to our creative thought as well as improve it. Again-no grades.


The yearbook staff is made up of sophomores, juniors and seniors ( freshmen by special approval only ) who work all year long to compile this 320-page memory book. Students must apply to be on the yearbook staff, and staff member are chosen at the discretion of the advisor(s). The yearbook is produced entirely by the students, using a layout program on the computer. The students are involved in every aspect of the publication process, from compiling the information and pictures for each page to selling advertisements to designing the specific layouts. Yearbook meets as an elective class and students receive one elective credit for successfully completing the course.