Olson Library

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Olson Library is to assist
members of the learning community in becoming
effective users of ideas, information and technology
and to foster a love of reading.

The Olson Library was made possible by the generosity of donors to The Campaign for Stratford, a five-year, 5.5 million dollar capital campaign. Following the lead of Stratford parents, Beverly and Edmund Olson, who pledged a million dollar leadership gift, donors have pledged to the campaign making the dream of a library facility today's reality.

The design of the Olson Library began in the summer of 1998. Two years later, the project is complete, a culmination of the teamwork among Stratford, Scott Fry, Architect and Warren & Associates, general contractors.

Since its beginning in 1960, Stratford Academy has been recognized as an independent school that excels in the areas of academics, fine arts and athletics. The completed Olson Library continues this tradition of excellence by providing a state-of-the-art facility that creates a superior learning environment and provides the best in educational experience for Stratford students.

A 17,500 square foot facility, the Olson Library is the repository for the library collections for grades K-4 through 12. Located on the Main floor, the Robert Adger Bowen Wing is the site for the middle and upper school collection.

The lower school collection is located in the south wing of the main floor. Multiple study areas allow for both group project and individual study. The upper level of the building provides three new classrooms and two new computer labs. Book storage, office space as well as teacher work areas, are located throughout the building.

Resources and Services

The mission of the Olson Library is to assist members of the learning community in becoming
effective users of ideas, information and technology and to foster a love of reading. The library also offers support and enrichment to the educational program at Stratford Academy. To this end, every effort is made to purchase, organize and maintain library resources and services to facilitate their use by faculty, students and parents. The Olson Library contains more than 36,500 print and electronic books, videos and DVDs. In addition, the library subscribes to numerous periodicals and electronic databases.

There are 25 computers available for student use and four look-up stations. There are two printers and two photocopy machine as well as a digital camera and 10 flip camcorders.

Destiny, the online library catalog, is online and may be accessed on and off campus.

Electronic resources ( previously available on the Olson Library page ) are available to students, parents and faculty, and may be accessed by clicking the ACADEMIC RESOURCES button on the password protected portal pages.

Library instruction occurs during regular library time for preschool and lower school students and in conjunction with class assignments for middle and high school. Students are taught with their classes by the librarian/media specialist or assisted one-on-one by all members of the library staff.

Library Policies

Computer Usage
Students using computers in the library are expected to adhere to the Technology Code of Conduct outlined in the Student Parent Handbook:

Internet must be in support of education and research and consistent with the educational objectives of Stratford Academy. The use of the internet is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in cancellation of those privileges. The technology administrators will deem what is inappropriate use, and their decision will be final. Also, the system adminstrators may deny internet access to anyone believed to be in violation of the technology code of conduct at any time. The administration, faculty, and staff of Stratford may request the system administrator to deny, revoke, or suspend internet privileges. Vandalism will result in cancellation of privileges. All non-educational games are off-limits on the school's computers and network.

Failure to abide by this rule will result in the loss of computer privileges.

Preschool (PK-K) – Lower School (1-5)students visit the Olson Library each week with their classes. They also have access to the library before and after school. All Preschool and Lower School students must be accompanied by a parent or adult.
Middle (6-8) and Upper School (9-10) students have access to the library before and after school, with classes, at lunch and during breaks, and from study halls with passes signed by classroom teachers. Juniors and Seniors may visit the library without a pass. All Middle and Upper School students sign-in when entering the library.

Circulation of Materials
All Stratford students, families, faculty and staff may borrow books from the Olson Library.

Loan Periods
The general loan period for books is one week for preK-grade 5 and two weeks for all others. Videos and Reference books may be checked out on an overnight basis by Middle and Upper School students.
Faculty may check out materials indefinitely during the school year but should return them if another patron is asking for them.

Number of Books
Lower School students may check out a number of books equal to their grade plus one. There is no limit for Middle and Upper School students, faculty or staff.

Renewing Library Materials
Most books may be renewed for two additional loan
periods unless there is a hold on a book. The actual material is not required for renewal.

Non-Circulating Materials
The following materials can be used only in the library: reference books, reserve materials, and periodicals. However, reference books and videos may be checked out on an overnight basis by Middle and Upper School students.

There are no fines for overdue materials. Fines are assessed for lost or damaged books. They equal the cost of replacing the book plus a $5.00 processing fee.

Photocopying and Printing
A copy machine for student use is available near the circulation desk. There are two printers networked to the library computers. There is no charge for printing or photocopying.

Food and Drink
Food and drink are not permitted in the library because of the potential for damage to books, computers, library furniture and other library materials. In addition, residue from both food and drink can promote the growth of mold and attract insects which can destroy books.

Cell Phones
All cell phones should be silenced while in the library.

Olson Library is a place for quiet study, research and reading. Be respectful by speaking softly and behaving appropriately. Playing computer games and downloading from websites is not permitted. Misuse of library materials, defacing library property, and disruptive behavior will result in the loss of library privileges and disciplinary action.

Copyright Information

Can I use this?

What is Plagiarism?

Lower/Middle school
Upper School
  • What do you think about intellectual property? Copyright and Intellectual Property page; interesting video about music and intellectual property rights for high school and college students.
  • This Permission Template for harvested internet sites provides an easy way to request and document permission to use information from Web sites.
Teachers & Librarians
The Olson Library Staff:

Elaine Murray
Head Librarian & Media Specialist elaine.murray@stratford.org
478-477-8073 ext. 221

Kaye Wansley
Lower School Librarian
478-477-8073 ext. 237

Alleyne Benson
Circulation Librarian
478-477-8073 ext. 278

Susan Marshall
Circulation Librarian

478-477-8073 ext. 278